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Select from two tables

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Hi guys,

i have two tables products and deleted_products i want to select products_id from the two tables where the field suspend = 1 but there's no relationship between the tables in other words i want all the products_id from the tables where suspend = 1 but the products_id in table one doesn't match produtcs_id in table 2 the only relationship i can find is the suspend in both tables is 1



my query string is like that


select p.products_id as PID, dp.products_id AS PDID FROM products p, deleted_products dp WHERE p.suspend = dp.suspend and p.suspend = 1


it return zero result but the two tables have products with suspend = 1



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No relationship (between your tables) = no join with sql. However, you can select both tables with two different queries and combine their results with PHP.

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