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I currently have a javascript slider in place. It's on autoplay at 5 seconds per slide. The second slide has an iframe youtube video.Unfortunately, if I click play, 5 seconds later, the slider autplays to the next slide.Is there any way to get the slider to recognize the video is playing, for example? Or are there any other ways around this that anyone can think of?The JS code is simple, I'm using http://jquery.malsup.com/cycle/ for my slider.

<script type='text/javascript'>    jQuery('#slider-1').cycle({        next: '#next-1',        prev: '#prev-1',        fx: 'fade',        timeout: 30000000,        pause: 1,        pager: '#slider-nav-pager-1',        height: '433px',        width: '960px'    })</script>
If you need more code, let me know. It's just a simple iframe.Thanks!
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You might check the slider's script to see if there is a setting that allows the slide show to stop rotating when a slide is clicked on and can only begin again by another click to continue. It's possible to add logic so that it knows to continue the slider once the video is finished but js is not my strong point but you can check with the developer of that slider to see if he/she can offer a solution.


Otherwise, you could set your video to open up as a popup using a lightbox script.

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