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Basic Help for a Newbie


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Hi all,


Just learning HTML5 (or any form of HTML for that matter.I found (and then forgot) where I could create a link like "click here" , and when you hover over the link "click here" it would show the destination like www.w3schools.com


I can't seem to find the section & how to code this.


Also when using an image as a link like:

<p>Create a link of an image:

<a href="default.asp">
<img src="smiley.gif" alt="HTML tutorial" width="32" height="32"></a></p>
What does the "default.asp" & "HTML tutorial" mean or link to?
Any help would be appreciated!
Thank you!
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For an image the alt is the text that will appear if the image file can't be found.


For a link, also known as an anchor, the href is the destination URL. If you click on a link with href="www.google.com" then you will be sent to http://www.google.com.

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Thanks guys,


davej, I appreciate the clarification of the alt text.


I get how linking to a URL works. I'm still confused as to what "default.asp" after the <a href= means.....




Also is HTML5 basically adding new features, or upgrading the old HTML format?


Sorry for all the questions! I'm trying to teach myself. Are there any other sites that you can recommend to help me learn? I feel like W3 does a good job but just skims the surface.



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