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Wordpress text widgets not spanning page


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I've developed my own site using WP (using chunks from my old html site in places). So, I'm a total amateur.


I'm adding a text widget to the header so it will be seen on each page. I'm close, but can't figure out how to get it to span the width of my page. It's stuck on the right hand half. Might have something to do with the two images below this new text.


Actually, the new text, "Doug Coe | Bay Area Architect", the search box, and the phone number are three text widgets in WP.


The added text is not live on my site since it's not looking right yet. I've got it on a local version of my site.


I've attached a pdf of what it is looking like...pulled to the right. And a pdf of a mockup of what I want.


Any ideas of how to get this text widget to act right (move left)?


Thank you!




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