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MySQLi much different from MySQL


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Hello, i'm just wondering is MySQLi much different than MySQL? I have basic knowledge of MySQL and it seemed pretty similar & easy.


Example this

<?php$con = mysqli_connect("<hostserver>","<user>","<pass>","<database>") or die("<error>");$result = $con->query("SELECT userName FROM <users>") or die("<query_failed>");while ($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result)) {echo $row['<username>'] . "<br>";}if (isset($con)) {mysqli_close($con) or die("<some random closing problems>");}?>

PS: I know its improved extension of MySQL, but i wan't to know if there is major changes in code.


Ah i even might consider PDO since alot of databases supports it, would you suggest that?

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codewise they are very similiar if not exact same. Procedural style has most similarity. learning PDO is worthy. I personally use PDO even though most commonly RDBMS i use is mysql.

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