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Does anyone know how to remove host info from phpmyadmin?


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hello.Could anyone tell me what I need to edit if I want to get rid of example.com showen on image? Basically I want to create pma version that would not show host info (example.com on this image). But I couldn't figure out what to modify to get what I want so I was wondering if anyone has experience with that.esample.png

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I had some difficulties with that I used firebug to grab id of div and then searched whole project with netbeans, but it did not find that particular id..




title was phpMyAdminlibrariesheader_scripts.inc.php line 60 (look for parent.document.title)

navigation bar was phpMyAdminlibrariesheader.inc.php line 114 (look forhtmlspecialchars($server_info))

mysql info was phpMyAdminmain.php on line 161


just in case anyone interested

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