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Scroll bar in text area.


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Don't you want scrollbars? Like the colls="" and the rows="" as a maximum of characters?Then add maxlength="" for the maximum of chars, while cols and rows only define the initial width and height of the textarea :)

Actuall textarea does not support maxlength.You can do it with javascript like this thoJS
function maxLength(object,maxLength){  return (object.value.length <= maxLength);}


<textarea id="myTA" onkeypress="return maxLength(this,15)"></textarea>

Replace 15 witht he max length you want.

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hmm aspnetguy,okey but its not working perfectly. if i put max length of 1000 chars in javascript and width of text box as 50 chars now i put a word with 51 chars then it will show the horizontal scroll.any guess ?

Like Dan said, If you set the cols=50, then it should not show any horizontal scrollbar... did u try this...
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