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Site-SEO-Analysis.com Criticism


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I have been working on the design for site-seo-analysis.com. It's practically finished and the algorithm is good to go. Please help me by providing some helpful criticism (design, functionality, or usability). The beta version banner is only temporary and I have to remove it


The website analyzes web pages or websites with respect to search engine optimization ultimately hoping to help people rank their awesome websites higher in search engine results.


Thanks for your help!

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Nice clean display without clutter and easy to use. I haven't really looked into SEO yet so I learnt a lot from visiting.


In particular I always used to prefer underscores to hyphens because on my own computer the hyphens get confused with subtract operators or command line options. Spaces in names create other problems and cammel case causes confusion on Linux machines that are have case sensitive file and floder names, (while they also don't help the search engine in the slightest).


I particiularly like the way you do the SEO articles menu on the right, so that they only appear when there is space for them.

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