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Graphic / Layout Critiques please

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The colors go well together and it looks very attractive. I tried it at different resolutions and could zoom in with the mouse wheel on any part making it accessible to people with poor eye sight. The drop down menus are intuitive amd work well for navigating the site. I suspect your client will be impressed... and I hope you can come back and tell us what their reaction was.

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I would remove the bold affect when you hover over nav dropdown items. the color change alone is sufficient and the bold is a bit jarring.

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The color scheme looks fine until you get to the drop down menu. However, picking such a limited color scheme - black & yellow - makes it difficult when using drop down menus. I have also run into this problem. I am also a visual artist painting landscapes in pastels and find it visually unappealing when the brown and orange appear. My advice is to either add some of those colors onto the page elsewhere or change those colors to something that is already used on the page. It just looks visually unappealing to me. Others may not even notice.

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