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Good examples/tutorials for Action Script?


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I am thinking that I may still need Action Script for some things, like for IE9 support. For example I need a multi-file image upload and IE9 doesn't support the HTML5 multiple file input.


What is the learning curve like for Action Script?



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Old AS is similar to Javascript, they are both based on ECMAscript. It's fairly out of date by now though, ActionScript 3 is newer and is a little different but is much more flexible and powerful. I wouldn't use older versions with a new project.


You could also just implement a Javascript form that adds additional inputs though, rather than requiring Flash.

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Oh, I just meant the name of the script that Flash uses if you want to write code -- Action Script or ActionScript or whatever -- of a version that is fairly current.


For the file upload I'd like to be able to browse to a directory and select a bunch of files, or maybe all the files, and then press "Go."


In other news today...



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They aren't really comparable, Javascript works with the browser's document object model, and Actionscript works with the Flash API. The Flash API and the DOM are totally different. The Flash API has access to a webcam, for example, and can save data locally. One of them runs in the browser and the other runs in the Flash plugin.


Here's the API reference for Actionscript 3 if you want to browse through it:



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