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Quick installation CMS


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Hi, i want know how to make a quick installation CMS ....

I mean installing the CMS without editing the code...


So, when i set the host, database username,password,and name into a variable in a php file...


Can you tell me how to do that ?


I wonder so much how MyBB CMS can do this...

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Get the required information from a form, then generate php code and save it to a file.

Something like this in your case:

<?php$string = '<?php $db_host = "'. $_POST["db_host"]. '";$db_uname = "'. $_POST["db_uname"]. '";$db_pass = "'. $_POST["db_pass"]. '";$db_name = "'. $_POST["db_name"]. '";?>';$file = fopen("config.php", "w");fwrite($file, $string);fclose($file);?>
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