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How Do PHP Redirects Work?


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I'm working on a site with an alias system that will redirect the browser to an aliased page if the non-aliased page is requested.


So if you go to mysite.com/about.php it will redirect to mysite.com/about.


I want to do this so google doesn't consider them 2 different pages (which it is now). Here is the redirect code-

header("HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently");header("location: $newURL");exit();

I thought if I changed the header to a 301 header google would know this was a mistake and the new url was the actual page. However this is not the case.


So my question is-


Does this header information ever get passed back to the browser? Does the browser do the redirect or does PHP redirect (and the browser just updates the address bar)? Do I need to change the status on the resulting page to 301 instead of 200?

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Ok. That answers my question. So If I send a redirect to the browser with a 301 status it should know that the page has moved and not count it as 2 unique pages. I'll need to check with our SEO guys but that makes sense to me.

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