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How to drag copy image in another div after drag and drop using HTML5 and JavaScript?

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Hai Guys,This is my work about drag and drop using HTML5

Before drag and Drop: http://cl.ly/image/0O3w2y1k0U3b

After drag and drop: http://cl.ly/image/0C210U3m0d0Z

I have 2 area, black area and White area, in which white area is area to drop.

After drag and drop, i have problem that copy images(in white area) can't move/drag in white area...

This is my Javascript code : http://cl.ly/image/3J1u101p0S1eMy HTML5 code: http://cl.ly/image/2z041f240f3UMy Questions is

How to move the copy images after drag and drop in white area? this is to aim get functionality like modeling tool UML

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