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I would like to place a poem on top of an image I have already made. I want each line of the poem to be single spaced and the starting letter of each line to be vertically below each other as it would be in a column. I want the column to be on the right hand side of the image.

How do I regulate the spacing between the lines of text?

How can I ensure that each line of the poem is retained as per the original layout?

How do I position the column of text on the image?

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Simple questions. Just search the w3 site.


For example, I searched "line spacing" on the w3 and found this:




You get the idea.

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To put text ontop of an image make the image a background of the container that the text is in using the CSS background-image property.

You can use the :first-letter pseudo selector or simply wrap the first letter of the line in a <span> tag to style them separately. You can use the vertical-align property to make the first letter go below or centered relative to the rest of the text.

The separation between lines of text can be regulated using the line-height property

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