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i stuck with some css trouble -.-'...

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Okay, i have uploaded an attachement to the post here, and as you see. I have some trouble with the menu.


I am trying to make a menu just like this website:




And no, it is not stealing. Only educational purpose use!


Anyhow and regardless! As you see, the menu drop-down's are going behind the boxes i have right now. And not sure why.


I have also attached the 3 .css files, coz the code is a little long, it should be very easy to find out how to work with it inside the .css files.

I did try to use z-index with 100000 on .menu ul li ul li inside the panel css file, but since it did not work, i'm on a little thing i would call broke of ideas -.-'.


Hope you guys can help me figure out what is wrong here, could be awsome! :D






If you need more information, please do not hesitate to give a comment etc :).

And ohh, almost forgot to tell. The Menu is based on .JS file. Meaning i am using .JS to input the different menu-tabs etc to the panel.


Hope you can make some sence of this whitch i cannot, just yet.



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Good afternoon,


Have you got a live link to your website? If not can you post your HTML code please?


At first guess I'd position the 'Last 10 Forum Replies' and all the other divs over that side to have a lower z-index than the sub-level menu items.





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Sorry for late reply. I am in school now, but will reply later with all HTML/JS/Details you need.



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hey, sorry for late reply. I have been off for some time due to homework and stuff.


Anyways, before i give you anything. I would like to ask of something.


I was taking a look at Explore (Latest) and Mozilla (Latest). They look ok, the menu does not hide behind the boxes.

This means it is ONLY chrome doing this.


So is it possible it actually in real works, and i only need to add a few lines of CSS to be XHTML for Chrome?


It looks ok in the 2 others i checked.


Ideas? Or still need to see the HTML/CSS? :)

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