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positioning problem

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I want to make a site, with a wrapper centered on the screen, with contnet in the wrapper.This works with plain text in the wrapperhttp://www.captain-africa.com/CSSProblem...This works well. Now i want to positionthe content in a specific place: the wrapper does not reacht the bottom of the pageThis happens if want want to position content in a div-containerhttp://www.captain-africa.com/CSSProblem...As you can see, if you scroll down, things go wrong.What did i do wrong?

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What do you mean by things go wrong? I don't see any problem... Do you mean you want the content to stay at the same spot on the screen even when the page is scrolling?

If you scroll down in the 2nd one you will see how the background goes all wrong.

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The problem is using "position: absolute" on your elements. Don't do it, it's always a source of trouble and there are better ways to put things in their place.

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