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Understanding how to use eval

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How can I save a little PHP code to $Tom, and then evaluate $Tom and save that to a variable as attempted below:?

$Tom = "echo 'blah'"eval($Tom);

When I try and use eval here, I get the following error:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected $end, expecting ',' or ';'


Worse still, I want to save the result of eval to an array element.


as for saving the value to an array, I tried

$bob = eval($Tom);and array_push($myarray, $varone, "'".eval($Tom)."'") 

Didn't work.

I am very frustrated with eval.

How can I do what I am trying to do?

That is, save the result of eval to an array element?


I did a search on eval, and got a lot of suggestions and saw lots of requests for a replacement function, but the suggestions were what I have seen before, and did not know how to apply, and the requests for a replacement function went unanswered.



You guys are great.

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