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list files in a directory script error

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hi everyone,



i've got a script that works on one website, that lists files in a directory.


ive moved the script to another website but now the script isnt working.


the script:

<ul><?php	foreach (glob('../../_docs/*.*') as $file){		  $file = basename($file);	  if ($file != 'index.php') 	  {?>		<li><?php echo"$file"?> <a href="../../_docs/<?php echo"$file"?>" target="_blank">[View]</a> 									<a href="../products/delete/?id=<?php echo"$file"?>">[Delete]</a></br>									URL: http://xxxxxxxx.com/CYC/_docs/<?php echo"$file"?>									</li>	  <?php 	  }	  		} ?></ul>

the error:


  • Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in/xxxxxxx/documents/index.php on line 188 [this refers to the line with the foreach glob in it]

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Goodness, you should try to understand what things mean rather than waiting for other people to tell you. The PHP manual page for glob() would explain it, of course.


Returns an array containing the matched files/directories, an empty array if no file matched or FALSE on error.

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