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Guys iam frm ECE back ground and am facing trouble in doing my assigned task but i need to do that if i have to survive please help me guys.Pls give me a detailed explanation guys.please help me guys .


Purpose: The Grants application website/dashboard is for

Grants Chair(s),. Applicants, and Readers to

Submit applications,

Review & Score,



Database Information Entry

Applicants & Readers must be able to create a profile and login (using NetID & Password)

o User Prolife Information:

ß Username ( NetID)

ß Banner ID # (ex. 100231973)

ß First Name

ß Last Name

ß Contact Information

Email (email recommended, generate verification email)

Phone #

Address (Street, City, State, Zip Code, Country)

ß Password (allow custom entry, double/matching entry required, default to Banner ID#)

ß Department (Choose from Dropdown list)

ß Perspective Choose From Dropdown list)

ß Specify Applications reading/applying for (X,Y,Z)

o Upon creation, Readers should be assigned a unique identifier (6-digit #) for confidentiality


o Each Application should receive its own unique identifier (6-digit #) for confidentiality purposes.

On logging in user should go to his dashboard

Dashboard: (User Home)

List of Grants Offered & Amounts (X,Y,Z AND $100,$500,$1000)

*View the application of his own

Downloadable pdf’s A,B,C files

Downloadable Score Spreadsheet (Blank, Excel)

Calendar (Google) Showing Cycle Dates, Application Dates, Reader Dates, Response Dates (6-

weeks after application)


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