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calling javascript inside a javascript


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how can i call a javascript (or the value returned by a js) inside an already opened and in execution javascript?more to the point, something like this:

   onClick="window.open('sendlink.html?link=[+document.URL]', '','')"

it should be quite easy, i presume, but my knowledge in js has its flaws... :)i think there should be some " or ' or { or .... please helpthx

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it should be like that...

onClick="window.open('sendlink.html?link='+document.URL, '','')"

but it is not... :) this way it sends exactly what it says...

:) ...and not the value of "document.URL"[edit:]...{deleted}...[edit2:] :) damn, i hate modays!!!it works just fine! thx a lot dude !!!

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