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Webpage Using HTML5, SQL and PHP

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Soooo I am taking a class called Electronic Commerce. My professor is is requiring us to make a website "selling" a product (not for real) and the website must use html 5, php and sql. He is not going to waste class time teaching us these because this is a "capstone" class and we should already be familiar. Well Html 5 I am ok with, but SQL and PHP, I am so lost.


As far as I can figure out, the SQL is for my database. I have already gathered the jpgs, made a database of the spices with prices I will sell.


I am not really sure how to attack this project and any help will by greatly appreciated. There is no mention of this project in his syllabus and folks that have taken his class before said that he doesn't even grade this project, I really just want to have something to turn in just in case.



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SQL is the language that the database executes, right. PHP would build SQL statements and then send them to the database to get the result. That's sort of a tall order though, PHP is a programming language so if you aren't already familiar with programming then that's a lot to learn for this. You can copy and paste individual pieces of PHP and probably get something to work, but if you're going to understand everything then that sounds like a lot of work for a single project. If your database is MySQL, for example, then this shows some examples for connecting to the database and running SQL queries:




I'm not really sure what to say though. The first step is designing the site on paper, where you list everything that each page can do so that you can have a flow of what's going on. Once you know what each page needs to do then I guess you can research how to do that particular thing. Most pages will just do a single thing, like list products in a category, or add a product to the cart, or whatever. You might want to start with the PHP tutorial on w3schools and go through what they have there.

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