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Hello All,
I put my question straight here.
If my website address is www.abcd.in a ""Click Here"" button should be linked to http://www.XXXXXXXX.com/?r=1234567 [FIXED]
If my website address is www.abcd.in/?r=1111111 a ""Click Here"" button should be linked to
http://www.XXXXXXXX.com/?r=1111111 ["1111111" Its a 7digit number may vary per user]
Please help me a HTML Code with javascript in it for creating a Click here button.
Refer: www.click2rupee.com
www.click2rupee.com = CLICK HERE Button= http://www.clixsense.com/?r=3488429
www.click2rupee.com/?r=12312312 = CLICK HERE Button= http://www.clixsense.com/?r=12312312
Thanks All.
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