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How to improve speed? on website

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Thanks for the warning. Please don't do that again. Just find a non porn way to ask the same question.

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That page requires 3.5 MB of content to be downloaded. The speed of the server is fine, but that's a ton of stuff you're making the browser download. Your background picture is 875KB of that, and there are 3 other images at 294KB or more, and another 5 images over 100KB. You've got 43 images on that page totaling 2.6MB. You're also loading things from several different domains. Other than your domain, I see HTML files coming from 10 other domains. You're loading 19 different CSS files and 45 Javascript files. All told, you're making the browser send 115 requests to load everything on that page. Each individual request might make the browser create a new connection to the server, which means overhead. Like I said, the server is fast, but with all of those requests and the images being so big it still takes me almost 9 seconds to finish downloading everything.


The most obvious ways to increase the size are to reduce the total size of the images from 2.6MB down to maybe 1MB, and you can also speed things up by combining all of your Javascript and CSS into single files and then minifying the code. It will take the browser much less time (relatively) to download 1 45KB file then it will take to download 45 1KB files because of the connection overhead.

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JSG nailed it on the head. There are site analysis / audit tools like YSlow to help identify these issues.


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The real effect way to improve speed is to change a better server...really...

It wouldn't hurt, but all the other suggestions are more practical and are considered web development best practices. A server might offload the files to the client faster, but it still would change the fact that this site uses too many files and that a number of them are too large, amongst other things.

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