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image cropping


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Paint is a part of all Windows programs. Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Paint or just do a Search if you can't find it.


Using Paint to Crop part of an image:1. open PAINT2. click EDIT>PASTE3. On the left side bar, choose the SELECT tool (the dotted rectangle) so that the dotted lines bordering your picture disappear.4. Using your left mouse button, draw down and across to cover the area you want cropped.5. Click on EDIT>CUT6. Click on FILE >NEW7. When it asks you to "Save changes to Untitled", say NO.8. Click on EDIT>PASTE.9. click FILE>SAVE AS10. Browse to where ever you want to save it.11. Name it something12. change the file from a .bmp to a .jpg under SAVE AS TYPE

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