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Get element.style.top(left) value

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Recently i faced a problem which seems very odd to me and I would like to find the answer or at least acceptable explanation. But let's go straight to it.

Let's have two divs one inside the other - the code is something like:

<div id="imgframe">  <div id="innercont" class="dragme">    <a class="marker" style="left: 1060px; top:658px;" onclick="movepos(1060, 658)"></a>  </div></div><button type="button" onclick="displayattr()">Test</button>

they are styled with css like this:

#imgframe {	width: 950px;	height: 600px;	overflow: hidden;}#innercont {	width: 1994px;	height: 1144px;	position: relative;	left: -600px;	top: -300px;}

And with javascript I am trying to find the top and left values of the #innercont. I have written the following functions:

function getx() {	var bg = document.getElementById("innercont");	var xs = bg.style.left;	var x = Number(xs.replace("px",""));	return x;}function gety() {	var bg = document.getElementById("innercont");	var ys = bg.style.top;	var y = Number(ys.replace("px",""));	return y;}function displayattr() {	var sum = getx() + ", " + gety();	alert(sum);}

Everything so far seems fine, but when I use displayattr() just after the page has been loaded it returns 0, 0. The code works fine when I use javascript to set the position of the #innercont:

function reset() {	var bg = document.getElementById("innercont");	bg.style.left="-600px";	bg.style.top="-300px";}

They say that element.style.top sets or returns the top position of a positioned element, but it appears that it is not the same if we set the position by using css or javascript. So far I have managed to solve the problem by using "getComputedStyle" or adding onload="reset()" to the body tag but I don't want to use either since they mess my code later.

If anyone has an explanation why does it happen so I'll be very grateful. Thanks in advance.

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Found the solution. In fact element.style.left (or top) can be used to get values from inline styles. I tried to use the above functions and I only switched from external style sheet to internal and they worked. If we use external or internal style sheet they won't work. So I modified the functions like this:

function getx() {	var bg = document.getElementById("innercont");	var curleft = 0;	if (bg.offsetParent) do {		curleft += bg.offsetLeft;		}	while (bg = bg.offsetParent);	return curleft;}

and they work just fine :)

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