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Allowing users to edit HTML content


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So I have built a frame of a site which is pretty much the navigation, header and an empty body.

The idea is that the body should be entirely editable by another person who doesn't know HTML too well. So I have made a site and I want to hand it over to someone else to fill and edit and do what they want.

Is the best way to do this Joomla or another CMS? I have looked into it but I want to use the site I have already created I don't want to make the site in the CMS or do I have no choice? It's my first look into CMS's and to my understanding you build the site in Joomla and edit it in there as well. But I already have a site built I just want the user to be able to edit the body of it all easily.


I hope that all made sense.



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The only thing I can think of is that they could edit your file just enough to add one or more iframes and set the size of each iframe. Each iframe could then point to a different HTML file where they would put their content, however I don't know if this is worth the bother.



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You are able to use PHP,


Then in that text file, you can write your content.


If you know PHP Well, I recommend you use a database and MySQL Queries so that you can use a form or textarea to update the content.

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