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mysql column total calculation


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I wish to evaluate the tototal/sum of the sum column in the <tfoot> section of my table. I can't get the output correctly. my code is below. I shall appreciate any inputs. Take a look at the attached screen capture to better understand what i need to do. The total of the sum column in the table <tfoot> is what i need:

<?phprequire_once('includes/connect.php');$result = mysqli_query($con, "SELECT studentid, hw1, hw2, hw3, SUM(hw1+hw2+hw3) as sum FROM scores GROUP BY studentid");echo "<table border='1'><thead>	<tr>		<th>StudentID</th>		<th>HW1</th>		<th>HW2</th>		<th>HW3</th>		<th>SUM</th>	</tr></thead>";echo "<tfoot>    <tr>		<td>Total:</td>		<td> echo SUM(sum);</td>    </tr></tfoot>";while ($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result)){"<tbody>  <tr>";    echo "<td>" . $row['studentid'] . "</td>";    echo "<td>" . $row['hw1'] . "</td>";    echo "<td>" . $row['hw2'] . "</td>";    echo "<td>" . $row['hw3'] . "</td>";    echo "<td>" . $row['sum'] . "</td>";    echo "  </tr> </tbody>";	} echo "</table>"; mysqli_close($con);?>


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You're getting a parse error among other things aren't you?




See the Procedural style section. Your query isn't closing the dbl quote or paren.

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