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Hey guys, I am attempting to update a wordpress theme to make my content area take up more of the screen real estate. RIght now it has such a small area in the middle.I would like to see a 10% margin on either side of the content and navigation bars. with the side bar appropriately placed next to the content as you would expect it to be.I am making my adjustment in a secondary stylesheet that would replace values in the original on wordpress, but I am having a hard time getting the pieces where they need to be. One adjustment screws up the navigation bar, while another moves the sidebar either to the far right of the screen with a big gap between the content and sidebar, or it moves below the content completely.This is the original. I'm pretty sure that this is the only code that has anything to do with what I am trying to accomplish.

/* 2.1 Containers & Columns */#wrapper  { background: url(images/bg.png) repeat; border-top: 4px solid #325164; border-bottom: 1px solid #A5575B; }#main, .home.page #main {width:620px; padding: 3em 0 3em;} /* Fix for static homepages */.home #main { padding: 30px 0 2em 0; width: auto; }#main.fullwidth, .layout-full #main, .col-full {width: 960px; margin:0 auto;}#sidebar{ width:290px; overflow: visible !important; }#sidebar .primary { padding: 3em 15px; } #sidebar .secondary { width:140px; } .col-left { float: left; }.col-right { float: right; }.layout-right-content #main { float:right; }.layout-right-content #sidebar { float:left; }

Here is the bits I have been playing with. I have tried adjusting margins, padding, ect.

#main, .home.page #main {width:80%; margin: 0 10% 0 10%;} .home #main { padding: 30px 0 2em 0; width: auto; }/*#main.fullwidth, .layout-full #main, .col-full {padding: 3px 10% 3px 10%; width: auto; margin:0 auto;}#sidebar{ width:auto;  margin-right:20px; overflow: visible !important; }*/

I would like the sidebar to also be 10% from the edge, but next to the content area.I currently have the sidebar set to auto, but if I can get it to be lined up under the search bar and the 290 px that it was origionally, that would be fine, but on smaller screens, I'd like to see that width decrease in relation to the main content.Can you all help me figure out what I am doing wrong? Thanks.

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