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Conditional Formatting


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I have an update form uploading to mysql and a php/html page downloading to a table on another page.


What I would like is the website to colour code the status on the public page depending on the input form.

I've tried alsorts of code on the form, the results and a stylesheet.


Any help or suggestions welcome.




Here's the relevant bit of the form code.


<select name="status" type="text" id="status" value="<? echo $rows['status']; ?>"> <option style= "color:green" value="On Time">On Time</option> <option style= "color:orange" value="Delayed">Delayed</option> <option style= "color:red" value="Cancelled">Cancelled</option> </select>


and this is the cell from the page.


<td>Status</td><td><?php echo $rows['status']; ?></td>

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Thanks I've tried these two options but both give syntax errors.

first on the if and style lines.

second on the if line




<?php$st=(echo $rows['status']);if ($st="On Time") { style="color:green"; }elseif ($st="Delayed") { style="color:orange"; }elseif ($st="Cancelled") { style="color:red"; }?>




<?phpecho $rows['status'];if (['status']="On Time") { style="color:green"; }elseif (['status']="Delayed") { style="color:orange"; }elseif (['status']="Cancelled") { style="color:red"; } else { style="color:black"; }?>

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Got there eventually.

I think I was trying to over complicate it, I had a day off and came back with a fresh pair of eyes.


<?phpif ($rows['status'] == "On Time") {echo '<font color="green">On Time</font>';} elseif ($rows['status'] == "Delayed") {echo '<font color="orange">Delayed</font>';} else {echo '<font color="red">Cancelled</font>';} ?>

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