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Hello. Please understand that I am very new to HTML. I am going to post what I need to accomplish and then hopefully someone can guide me on how to make it happen.

I need to create a login page on my website so that a user can login using a specific username and password and be directed to a URL based on the username and password they entered. For instance I have a folder on my server that I am using to store data specific to a client named Kenneth. The URL might be www.mysite.com/kenneth - When Kenneth goes to my website and accesses the “Client Login Page” he will see a form to enter Username and Password and click Submit. When he enters his username and password correctly and clicks submit it would guide him to a folder on my server where he can access his data. I would like any client to have the same functionality- so for instance if Sally enters her username and password she would be guided to her own space on my server. Does that make sense and is it possible to accomplish?

Thank you for your help!


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