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Automatic exif removal

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Well hello there, fellow coders/programmers.I am working on a social website for smokers of denmark to gather and share their pictures of different crops, etc.The problem is, cannabis is not strictly legal in denmark.And since it cant be expected that the average user on our site knows how to deactivate geotagging, i wanna make an option that does it for them, making sure that the popos dont trace their grows through our website.Problem is, this is kind of over my level of expertise.Currently i am just referring people to use this site: http://www.verexif.com/en/ before uploading, but having either this function, or the behind coding doing it automatically when uploading, directly on our site, would be completely awesome.i have also found a discussion in the wordpress support forum, but i cant get what theyre saying to work. http://wordpress.org/support/topic/remove-automatic-exif-titles-for-uploadsIf any of you would take the time to give it a go, i would be forever grateful ;)Heck, i might even send you a present :PEdit: I fear this might have been misplaced in PHP. Any admin, feel free to move my thread to a more suiting forum :)

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