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Checkbox's and php/mysql

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Hello, new here and also sorta new to PHP and all that.



I'm trying to find a way to select certain checkboxes and input that data into a database.

And then at times go back and view and update the database.

The checkboxes may also change at times and I do not want to go add a bunch of fields into the database just to see who's all in it.


What I have so far is peoples names in a checkbox form where I can select names and submit it. It then implodes and inserts it into the database like so responders(2,4,47,56) Its not going to be a thing like responders(0,0,1,0) type thing.


My format so I do not confuse people

responders = row in mysql

(numbers) = data in the field in my row


Am I way overthinking this, or is there a very simple way to do this?


Please note, the name list may update in the future as in names being added, I would like an easy way to add people without killing myself modifying my php/html files.


If I lost you in anyway let me know I will see what I can do to make it not confusing.

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