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selecting option with jquery


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I have tried with various ways to make a selection of an option from a dropdown menu using jquery.

Here is the menu:

   <select class="dropdown">                          <option value="08:00">08:00</option>                          <option value="08:30">08:30</option>                          <option value="09:00">09:00</option>                          <option value="09:30">09:30</option>                          <option value="10:00">10:00</option>   </select>

I have tried various js codes but I cannot make it work-here is what I have tried:

$(".dropdown").prop("selected","08:30");$( ".dropdown" ).attr("selected","08:30");$(".dropdown option[value=08:30]").prop("selected");

I am trying to set(for example) the option to 08:30

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Here is the solution to it

 $('.dropdown').val('09:30');//09:30 is just an example, it could be anything
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