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JS/PHP slideshow basics don't work.


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Hello everyone,


I am trying to create a simple slideshow to learn javascript and a small amount of PHP. People are meant to simply upload a photo to their site using for example Filezilla. The website should automaticly take the photo into the slideshow.


I am still very novice though.


So far I got:

+ PHP to read the file names in the folder.

+ Javascript to take over the PHP Array.


That is not much.. but I already run into a mistake in the next part.


<?php            $PhotoSlideAll = scandir('./photos');            $PhotoSlide = array_diff($PhotoSlideAll, array('.', '..'));?>
<script>            var SlideShow = ["<?php echo join("", "", $PhotoSlide); ?>"];            var SSl=SlideShow.length - 1;            var picture = "'../photos/" + SlideShow[0] + "'"            document.getElementById("backgroundswitch").style.backgroundImage = "url(picture)";</script>

Now somehow, it doesn't actually change the background. Whilst the variable picture is really '../photos/PHOTONAME.jpg' when I use an Alert to test it.


Edit: Thank you in advance ;)

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what is this line supposed to be doing?


document.getElementById("backgroundswitch").style.backgroundImage = "url(picture)";


why just set it to picture? you are setting it to a string with the value of url(picture)

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