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I would like a critique on my new website

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I just put together my own website on Weebly and need someone to give me some feedback on ease of navigation, the photos of my work, the text, and overall.

I would also like to know what is the best way to advertise to get people to my site. I have almost a non-existent budget for more advertising since I'm also applying to outdoor juried shows. I have already tried Google adwords but got nowhere with that.

Thanks in advance


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I like the design, it is very clean.


I can see your images load. After inspecting you use large images that you then resize. You should use a smaller image to increase performance.

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Becareful using too light of colors for the text on the light background. The light green is a little harder too read than I would suggest. However, I also suggest to not use pure black text on a pure white background as it can cause eyestrain. I actually prefer dark background with light text because looking at a screen is like looking at a light bulb and the more that is darker the less strain it causes. But, anyways, I would consider darkening the green text on the light background.

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Firstly, I want to say that your website has slowly loading speed, the content seems to be a little messy (sorry no offense). If I were a man who want to buy jewelries, I will definitely not buy them from your store.


BTW, the better way to sell jewelries (women related things) is to use Facebook, I think it is the fastest way to get your website known by others. ^^

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