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How to remove the background color in select option tag with reset button?


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When I am clicking reset, the background color in select field is not changing to white. Its displaying the color of the last selected option. Please help me out with this problem. I want to remove the background color too when I am clicking reset button. Thanks in advance for your help..


<body><form><input type="reset" class="resetButton" /><select id="select" style="color: white; width:60px;"onchange="changecolor(select,value)"><option value="white" style="background-color: white; "></option><option value="red" style="background-color: red; color: white;">AB</option><option value="blue" style="background-color: blue; color: white;">BC</option><option value="green" style="background-color: green; color: white;">CD</option><option value="orange" style="background-color: orange; color: white;">DE</option></select></form></body><script>$(function(){$('.resetButton').click(function(){$(this).closest('form').find('select').each(function(){$(this)[0].selectedIndex=0;});});});</script><script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">function changecolor(id,color){id.style.backgroundColor=color;}</script>

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using javascript to change the selectedIndex of select element does not cause it to fire the onchange event. you need to manually change the color.

<body>  <form>    <input type="reset" class="resetButton" />    <select id="colors">      <option value="white"></option>      <option value="red">AB</option>      <option value="blue">BC</option>      <option value="green">CD</option>      <option value="orange">DE</option>    </select>  </form>  <script>  $('document').ready(function(){    $("#colors").change(function(){      $(this).css({"background-color":$(this).val()});    });    $('.resetButton').click(function(){      $("#colors").val("white").change();    });  });  </script></body>
here I wrote it sticking closer to jquery own functions Edited by Hadien
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Style options


css (does not require JavaScript to be enabled)

            #colors option {color: white;}            option[value='red']{background-color: red;}            option[value='blue']{background-color: blue;}            option[value='green']{background-color: green;}            option[value='orange']{background-color: orange;}




$("#colors option").each(function() {                 $(this).css({'background-color': $(this).val(), 'color': 'white'});                 });
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