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Hi, I'm looking for some advice.


I have a raceform website; the template was purchased and has a web search field already set up which I'd like to utilize. I've been looking online at questions/answers relating to people coding their own search tools, and in many people have suggested using scripts like Sphider instead.


My site is built in PHP/MYSQLI, and I consider myself a novice. There will be a minimum of 600 pages to index, and all I'm wanting is for the content between the title tags to be indexed - for example, the horse's name appears within the title tags of his individual page, and that's literally the only page I wanted displayed if someone were to search his name (results pages etc should be ignored).


My question is, how would you recommend progressing from here? Am I genuinely better using a pre-created script, or would a basic search tool that I've created be sufficient. Can you recommend any tutorials or scripts? A lot of the scripts and tutorials seem to have been produced several years ago, so I was wondering if there was anything created more recently?


Any advice is much appreciated!

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