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Generating an XML from Excel(How to split multiple references in the creation process of an XML)

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I have the following problem. My company "lost" the .xsd file they used to export products from an Excel file to an XML file, and now I tried to re-write it myself but I came to a problem of how to split a field that has values separated by commas.

Here is an example from the Excel file. http://i.stack.imgur.com/KICvP.jpg

It's the second to last field named masterreference. Now the problem is writing an .xsd file that will through the Excel XML export come up with the following structure:

<universalld>0AF1AA0F18FB44F5C125701800445CC3</universalld> <brand>ACEC</brand> <type>Canister</type> <commercialname></commercialname> <model>AT 81, 82</model> <importance>0</importance> <diameter>32 mm</diameter> <masterreferences> <masterreference>FL 11</masterreference> <masterreference>T 40</masterreference> </masterreferences> <productpictureno></productpictureno> </cleaner>


This is the .xsd I have right now. http://i.stack.imgur.com/YbIew.png

Can someone help me?

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