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Hi. I've worked with HTML a bit in the past but I'm a bit rusty. Actually, I'm very rusty as it's been some time.


When the Home page for my online shop loads, the sidebar navigation links are all open - both the Parent links and all the sub-links as well-and I want just the Parent links to appear as closed, and then have all the associated sub links open when the Parent link is clicked. Subsequently, all the subsection links would open and close when clicked, either individually or when the Parent link is reclicked to close the entire section.


As it is now, there about 50 links open when the Home Page loads and the sidebar looks very messy and cluttered, and downright confusing and intimidating.


What code would I use to get the Parent Links to be visible first (and closed) when the Home Page loads, and then have all the other links open and close as needed?



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