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VBScript Int function returns wrong result!

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Can anyone please explain why the Int function returns random incorrect values in the following code?

Running Win Server2003 and IIS 6.

The full code and result can be viewed here www.patronomy.com/test/test-int.asp


I couldn't believe it at first because Stripe (a payment processor) requires whole numbers eg, 803 for $8.03 and as you can see the iteration has many errors.


<table><%TR "Value", "Int(Value*100)"For i = 1 to 10 For j = 1 to 10 k = i+(j/100) TR k, int(k*100) NextNext %></table><%Function TR(str1, str2) Response.Write("<tr><td>"&str1&"</td><td>"&str2&"</td></tr>")End Function%>

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