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Olá a todos! Gostaria de abrir uma discussão relacionada aos validadores W3C. No meu ponto de vista é importantíssimo validar os códigos, para que fiquem limpos, e os navegadores possam interpretá-los de maneira correta, etc. Porém andei pesquisando e observei que muitos sites, muitos mesmos não validam os códigos, exemplos: Adobe, Microsoft, a gigante Google, Tecmundo, sites de bancos como Bradesco, Bando do Brasil, etc. Como podem ver são sites de grande porte, sites importantes, que não seguem as recomendações da W3C. O que acham, é importante validar os códigos? Por que a própria Google e Microsoft não validam os códigos?

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From... http://translate.google.com/#auto/en/Ol%C3%A1%20a%20todos!%20Gostaria%20de%20abrir%20uma%20discuss%C3%A3o%20relacionada%20aos%20validadores%20W3C.%20No%20meu%20ponto%20de%20vista%20%C3%A9%20important%C3%ADssimo%20validar%20os%20c%C3%B3digos%2C%20para%20que%20fiquem%20limpos%2C%20e%20os%20navegadores%20possam%20interpret%C3%A1-los%20de%20maneira%20correta%2C%20etc.%20Por%C3%A9m%20andei%20pesquisando%20e%20observei%20que%20muitos%20sites%2C%20muitos%20mesmos%20n%C3%A3o%20validam%20os%20c%C3%B3digos%2C%20exemplos%3A%20Adobe%2C%20Microsoft%2C%20a%20gigante%20Google%2C%20Tecmundo%2C%20sites%20de%20bancos%20como%20Bradesco%2C%20Bando%20do%20Brasil%2C%20etc.%20Como%20podem%20ver%20s%C3%A3o%20sites%20de%20grande%20porte%2C%20sites%20importantes%2C%20que%20n%C3%A3o%20seguem%20as%20recomenda%C3%A7%C3%B5es%20da%20W3C.%20O%20que%20acham%2C%20%C3%A9%20importante%20validar%20os%20c%C3%B3digos%3F%20Por%20que%20a%20pr%C3%B3pria%20Google%20e%20Microsoft%20n%C3%A3o%20validam%20os%20c%C3%B3digos%3F



Hello to all! I would like to open a discussion related to the W3C validators. In my point of view is very important to validate the codes, so they are clean, and browsers can interpret them correctly, etc. way. But I've been researching and noticed that many websites, many of them do not validate the codes, examples: Adobe, Microsoft, Google giant, Tecmundo, sites of banks such as Bradesco, Brazil's Flock, etc.. As you can see are large sites, important sites, which do not follow the recommendations of the W3C. What do you think it is important to validate the codes? Why Google and Microsoft itself does not validate the codes?


I suspect that some of these companies feel that they are authorities unto themselves.

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Sometimes it can be hard to take an existing site and make it valid, at the risk of breaking functionality for existing users. Often times if it works, then there is no justification for fixing it, even it means making it valid (money, time, testing, etc). New sites though, should make it a point to try and achieve passing validation, IMO.

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