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Email Signature; can't get left padding in html

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Good Morning everyone,


When i set my html signature in my mail client (i tried mac mail & Outlook 2003) the compleet mail aligns to the left. not even 1px is spared. Also check the .png i attached to see what i mean. Besides that i attached the html document i've made. I just need some spacing on the left of my mail, and the top also actually.


I really hope u guys can help me out here! Thanks in advance.






Email signature Ruud_4.html

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That is a lot of code for such a small signature. Can't you just put an inline style on the table for margin-left: 10px;.


Alternatively if you insist on using a table; insert another column before everything and leave it blank. Set the width to 15px and it will act as a spacer.

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