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Improved listing of HTML tags by DOCTYPE and browser

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1. I was using the page http://www.w3schools.com/tags/ref_html_dtd.asp to reveiw html tags available within each DOCTYPE, but found that I had to simultaneously review each individual tage on the page http://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_menu.asp in order to determine browser support. For example, the HTML5 <menu> tag is supported in html5 but is not supported in any browser, the <nav> tag is not supported in IE <= 8, the <datalist> tag is not supported in Safari or IE < 10.


I suggest that the html:DOCTYPE page include the Browser Support icons (shown below) next to each tag name so that one single page includes all the essential information. But I would suggest taking the icons on setp further in that it isn't sufficient to have s single icon for IE; there needs to be an icon for IE 8, for IE 9, for IE 10, and for IE 11 since the feature support in each of these is considerably different (IE <= 7 have pretty much left the market, so no need to separately reference those). To do this I'd suggest using a smaller set of icons in two rows, one for FF, Opera, Chrome, and Safari, and a row for the four IE icons.




2. I have to develop for both PC browsers and mobile devices. It would be helpful for these listings to include information regarding mobile browsers. For example, what are the feature differences between the Android browser and Chrome. Does the Chrome browser support all the features of Chrome for the PC; ditto Safari on iOS devices.



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