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Popup script conflicting with fancybox

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I've got 2 buttons with their own jquery scripts. One launches a fancybox video and the other shows a hidden popup contact form. I had the contact form (which shows another 'thank you msg' class when submitted) working fine, but now that I've added the fancybox button I think the stopPropagation is interfering with fancybox and I can't get them to load together. Is there away I can get my popup form to work without stopPropagation? Does anyone know how I can approach this better?

<div class="buttoncont"><div class="innercont"><div class="thanks" style="display:none;"><p>Thanks for contacting class</p></div><div class="social"><!— FANCYBOX BUTTON LINK —><div class="fancybox-media" href="http://vimeo.com/9532951" rel="media-gallery"><a class="btn"> <span class="playarrow"></span><span>watch fancybox preview</span></a></div><!— FANCYBOX BUTTON LINK END—><!— CONTACT US LINK —> <a class="btn2" href="#innercont" id='link'><span class="contactbbl"></span><span>contact us</span></a><!— CONTACT US LINK END —> </div><div id="subscribe-pop”><p>DIV POPUP TRIGGERED FROM CONTACT US LINK</p></div><div id="badge1”><a href="http://www.site1.com"><img class="badge1" src="images/badge1.png" height="auto" width="100%"></a></div><div id=“badge2”><a href="http://www.site2.com"><img class="badge2” src="images/badge2.png" height="auto" width="100%"></a></div></div></div>


<script type="text/javascript">$(document).ready(function() {$('.fancybox-media').attr('rel', 'media-gallery').fancybox({padding: 0,openEffect : 'none',closeEffect : 'none',prevEffect : 'none',nextEffect : 'none',arrows : false,helpers : {media : {},buttons : {}}});});</script>


<script type="text/javascript">$('html').click(function() {$('#subscribe-pop').hide();$('.thanks').hide(); });$('.innercont').click(function(e){e.stopPropagation();});$('#link').click(function(e) {$('#subscribe-pop').toggle();});$('#mc_embed_signup .button').click(function(e) { $('#subscribe-pop').hide(); $('.thanks').toggle(); });$('#mc_embed_signup .cancel').click(function(e) { $('#subscribe-pop').hide(); });$('.thanks').click(function() { $('.thanks').hide(); });</script>
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