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Can I add an inline style to a class that is defined in my style sheet?

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Hi Guys, Could you please help me out with this one. I have a style sheet that manipulate certain elements on my page. I would however like to know if I could style a portion of a paragraph with the inline style method.


The code on my webpage is as follows:

<p class ="two">Hello World - CSS allows you to modify margin, paddings and borders.</p>


I would like to apply and inline style that only affects the word "CSS" want to change the font and the color but it does not work.


example: <p class="two">Hello Word <style = "color:white; font-bold:,>CSS</style> allows you to modify margins, paddings, and borders.</p>


This does not seems to work. Can someone please help me with the proper code?


Please see attach file to look at the CSS code. I am new to this and would appreciate all the help.





Thanks so much Foxy Mod - span style works perfectly.


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Use a <span> element

<p class="two">Hello Word <span style="color:white; font-weight: bold;">CSS</span> allows you to modify margins, paddings, and borders.</p>
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