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apache 2.x for win 64


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Hello everyone,


I had search on google to looking for apache 2.x msi for win 64 but I didn't found it,


Q : where I can download it?


I have apache 2.24 msi but for windows 32(x86), yesterday when I install it won't works,


Q : actually can apache 2.x (x86) works well if it's installed on windows 64?


note : my OS is windows 8 Single Language


please help me



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Hi, now my question is not for apache, but for php installer.


I had looking on google PHP installer for Win 64,


on : http://windows.php.net/download/


on this site on php 5.5 VC11 that have version for windows 64 bit, but still experimental


and I search for PHP version 5.3.0 for windows 64 bit


Q : Is there earlier version of PHP installer that for windows 64?


if available, please give me link to download it.


please help



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