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How to grant access to only selected passcode

Samurai Fox

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How to grant access to only selected passcode? And to need to login into Disqus profile ( http://disqus.com/ ).

1.- So I give user a passcode that he than uses to access member-only stuff (so, it's a closed site)

2.- and later on he uses his/her Disqus profile to be part of community.

3.-and to have pc/ device remember that passcode was already inputted (like on Steam where you have to give you pc/ device a name)

Thank you

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yap...I just don't know how to make one

I'm not 100%,

but if you use a normal log in form, with a checkbox, you need to check that the log in is valid, the checkbox for remember me has been ticked, then you need to use $_COOKIE['auto'] == "true";

then on your website, use <?PHP if($_COOKIE['auto'] == "true") { if logged in stuff here } else { } ?>


I think this is right. You might want to check it first though.

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