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Array .length property weirdness


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I've stripped my code down to the bare basics, and it still is confusing me:

<?php	$str[] = "Bob";	echo $str.length;?>

I expect an output of


but instead I get


WTF?Update: The non-standard function sizeof() works. This code:

<?php	$str[] = "Bob";	echo $str.length . "<br />";	echo sizeof($str) . "<br />";   var_dump($str) . "<br />";?>

results in this output:

Arraylength1array(1) { [0]=> string(3) "Bob" }

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Dot is concatenatio operator in php unlike js where it is used to access objecj property and method|Array convert into string when you conacatenat and prints 'array' and 'length' tries to find constant of same name if its not there it assumes string and convert to it. Though it throw some error. You should set your php to show all type of error which are helpful for debugThere is count() to count array element

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Sorry, for the inconvenience, It is hard to type from mobile that much of text. It looks like the text has been messed up.

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