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How to install SQLite Extension


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I tried to install eyeOs but during the installation when the setup checks for the requirements, it says that SQLite extension is not installed.


I googled for SQLite Instalation but I couldn't understand how to get and install it. I think its hard to do.

Where can i get this extension? and How to add it to php?


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You can find pre compiled dll of sqlite which matches your php installation. At first google it "download php_sqlite3.dll for

 [compiler version] [TS or NTS]". you can get compiler and php version by seeing the phpinfo(). it would be something like php 5.4 VC9 threadsafe. Most probably you will find it pre compiled. When you found it put it in 'ext' folder of your php instllation dir. Then open the php.ini and uncomment extension="php_sqlite3.dll". restart your server.


If you cant find the pre compiled dll then you have to compile it on your own from the source code.

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