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<section> tag and <article> tag ?


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I want to make a semantic html of a bulletin board (forum)


I wonder if the <section> tag is good for categories and I also wonder if <article> tag is good for topics


Is it good for me to do that ?


You can see my html code at http://jsfiddle.net/terryds/yW85T/

Personally I dont' see anything wrong with that. It's up to you and the way you want to use it, you could use normal divs, but I would be likely to use section and article.

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Louis Lazaris has a good article at his blog, Impressive Webs, where he basically comes to the conclusion that the introduction of <section> and <article> in HTML5 pretty much just muddies the waters:



In short, HTML5′s <section> element could be used in any instance where it contains standalone, non-syndicated, non-aside content whose wrapper is not for styling purposes. In other words: Hardly ever.


I think using <article> for individual posts would be okay, but for everything else I'd probably use a <div> with appropriate class names. In the end, though, I really don't think it matters much.

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